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The Vinyl Diaries: And So It Begins

by Lucy Black

I've wanted to start this blog for weeks!  So glad to finally share my vinyl tales, nightmares, tips, etc.  Now, I'm no vinyl expert.  I'm a casual fan who is figuring things out as I go, so I welcome your expertise if you have a tip for me.  Let's get started.

<<Me ever so carefully trying to set the needle down on a record for the first time in years.  News flash: It was not graceful.>> 

I've always had a love for music on vinyl.  My Dad had a huge stereo with these ridiculously gigantic headphones & wooden speakers in our basement when I was I growing up.  It was hooked up to a radio tuner & a record player.  He had a healthy range of artists on vinyl, so I was exposed to Led Zeppelin, The Police, Fleetwood Mac, Weird Al... just a bizarre smattering of talented people all doing great music.  I have great memories of sitting down in that basement, putting those headphones on, and getting lost in the music.  I couldn't even tell you the number of times I dazed out and awoke to the sound of the needle bouncing at the end of a record.

Fast forward.

A couple of years ago, I convinced my Dad to give me his vinyl collection.  They'd been sitting for over a decade in his entertainment center untouched.  Now, you have to remember, I was a kid when I first listened to some of these - so... I'm not expecting them to be in shape for a serious collector.  It's more nostalgia and the thrill of cleaning them off one by one to see which ones still play, sound decent.  

For Christmas 2013 I was gifted a turn table.  I've finally been able to take these vinyls out of storage and start cleaning & going through them.  Which brings me to the next blog in this series...How to Clean & Why to Clean Vinyl.

Stop back soon & tweet me anytime @LUce_Wheel

<<What I was listening to while I wrote this blog.  Easily has become my favorite live performance from them & Pearl Jam has released a sh*t ton of performances on .>>